Keep Blogging

The New Year already has come.
Forgive me to start writing without greeting the New Year. It’s too late.

I was lazy with writing an article from last fall. I had no topics to write, as well as I was busy to complete my work by transfer.
Recently, I don’t post personal topics to my blog. If I’d like to share such a topic to my friends , I should use SNS. Most reader are not interested in my circumstances.

The topic even an utter stranger can understand is appropriate to blog. I’m sure that some people around the world will sympathize with my biased interest even if many people don’t.

I know that it is hard to attract their attention. But I will try my best. That will also be my motivation to keep blogging. I must imagine the characteristic of people reading blog. So, I will not be able to write an article faster. This is a dilemma.

After all, I attempt to keep balance in selecting a topic worth reading from some topics that I can write fast. This year’s theme is to write articles based on an unique viewpoint , while relaxing.

This blog is another channel that is completely different from the work and home. This blog is like an experiment to expand the field of view. Would you read my blog?


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    I tried to write in English.