About haj


  • 情報処理安全確保支援士
  • エンベデッドシステムスペシャリスト

Lives in Tokyo, Japan
Security researcher around crypto and PKI technology.





When I was younger, I worked my way through a series of death march projects in systems development. After being exposed to diverse systems such as databases, web applications, and back-ends, I changed jobs. For a while, I was engaged in embedded software development for office equipment and in-vehicle ECUs. After working on development work ranging from communication control and output control to encryption technology and in-vehicle ECU development, I am currently doing research and investigation on cyber security.

Although I am not good at studying, I have an endless interest in the world of technology and science.
I am considering the future of mankind as my intellectual curiosity leads me.

In this blog, I will not only write about my daily musings, but also delve into technology, science, society, and other topics that interest me.
We aim to leave a trail of life for a long time to come, as appropriate.

HAJ means pilgrimage to Mecca in the Islamic world. Malcolm X once experienced a pilgrimage to Mecca and his outlook on life changed dramatically. I am not a Muslim, but I am looking for Mecca to update my outlook on life. I believe that programming and cryptography will change society and I devote myself to it every day.